Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pick a Pack of Pixie Paper

I know that we live in a world of technical gadgets and most things are done electronically. We don't buy "real" books anymore. We send out electronic invitations. We rarely even make a phone call these days. Everything is done by text or email. But, for me, there is at least one thing that absolutely must be done the old fashioned way....writing Thank You notes. A quick "TY" is not going to cut it. The best way to tell a person you appreciate a gesture is to get out a pen and put your thoughts on a note card. If it's time to replenish your stock of thank you cards,  Pixie Chicago is a great place to do that.   Pixie Chicago is now on my list of all-time favorite stationary shops. Cassandra Rippberger, the owner and designer, at Pixie Chicago, is an amazing talent. She manages to create announcements, stationary, and more, that are both cute and sophisticated at the same time.

I am in love with the "Blocks" design. It's perfect for a shower invite or a thank you note sent by a new mother. A set would make a wonderful shower gift. You can pair it with matching, lined envelopes, that are even more beautiful in person. Speaking of envelopes, the colors from Pixie Chicago are how I like them, not too bright, but not pastel either. Strawberry is my favorite envelope color.

What to buy for adults? I love the Judy design, flat note card. It comes in a variety of colors and who wouldn't love to receive a gift of personalized note cards? A personalized gift is always popular because it shows that you took the time to think about it, rather than buying something on the way to the party!

The list of beautiful things from Pixie Chicago goes on and on. I recommend spending sometime on their site and finding something that fits your personality. Whatever you choose, I know you will be pleased.

So, put down that cell phone and pick up a pen. Show your friends and family how much you appreciate them!

Pixie Chicago is offering the readers of My Brand Name Kid a 20% discount. Please use the code FRIENDS20 to receive the discount. Thank you Pixie Chicago!

Disclaimer:   This review is my opinion alone. I was sent stationary samples for review. I was not paid for this post.